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Therapy for Mind,Body & Soul

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Building Dreams.

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Life You


  1. Goal Setting
  2. Career & Education
  3. Self Discovery & Awareness
  4. Confidence Building

At  Life Matters, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative, thought provoking and insightful Counselling, Training plus Life Coaching Services.

Personal, Team and Professional success is a formula that we assist you to discover and apply in a very personalized way.

Consider us as a helpful tour guide on the journey through challenging areas of life, work and relationships.

We all strive towards success; Hope, Faith, Strength, Potential, Balance, Peace & Direction are the foundation stones that we assist you to build upon.

 Allow us to help you to - Live on Purpose !

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“When we are no longer  able to change a situation,  we are challenged to  change ourselves” Victor Frankl Concentration Camp Survivor Psychotherapist
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